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All Field Practices will be held at La Costa Canyon High School on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8pm

  • March 11th-June 12th

  • $600

  • Monday/Wednesday

     Field Practices

  • Saturday "Breakfast Club" Strength and Conditioning


What is Stampede Elite Youth?

Stampede Elite Youth is a Youth Football Program offering 14 week Spring Camp. The camp is a tackle prep program and will practice on the field at La Costa Canyon High School on Monday's and Wednesday's with additional bonus workouts on Saturday mornings at Gaspar Physical Therapy in Encinitas.

SEY is for players that want to sharpen their craft and prep for their upcoming football season, for Pop Warner Football or High School Football.

For first year players, the camp is beneficial in getting used to carrying, running and moving the extra 15 lbs. that comes along with wearing helmets and pads. Athletes will also get used to getting hit by way of tackling and learn to tackle opposing athletes properly. Proper tackling technique is taught by keeping the head completely out of the tackle and using more of the shoulders, similar to a Rugby style tackle called the "Hawk Roll".

Coach Tommy

Coach Tommy was born and raised in Carlsbad, California. During his youth, he played football with Carlsbad Pop Warner and continued to play at Carlsbad High School, in which he graduated from in 2000. He also had a short stint at Palomar College, where he was a part of the Comet Football Team.


Coach Tommy currently works at St. Patrick’s Church of Carlsbad and enjoys hanging out with his family; he especially loves to share his love for football with his children, Gus and Lola.

Coach Tommy coached Pop Warner for 10 years, 7 of which were with Carlsbad Pop Warner and then transitioned to La Costa Canyon Pop Warner. His 2014 LCCPW team ended up going to Florida with Coach Tommy as the Defensive Coordinator and were named one of the top 3 teams in the nation.

In 2023, Coach Tommy took over as the Defensive Coordinator for La Costa Canyon High School's Freshman Maverick Football Team. Coach Tommy was the Offensive Coordinator for the team during the 2022 season. He also lends his time to different organizations, including the PAC League. The PAC League is a 7v7 football program that happens during the offseason and helps players learn more about the game of football and leadership.

Coach Tommy truly loves the game of football and wants to give back to the community and families who have so graciously embraced him by giving the community an outstanding organization to learn and grow with. 

He has gained recognition and respect from players, parents and other coaches alike by helping athletes become better people on and off the field. 

Stampede Elite is a family run organization.

Coach Tommy’s partner, Amanda, runs all things business, while he plans practices and runs practice. His son, Gus can’t wait to play and practice football and his daughter Lola, loves to watch practices;  they both love to cheer for daddy!

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