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1. What are the age requirements for SE Youth?


SE Youth is targeting boys who will be in 5th – 9th grade in the Fall of 2023. Exceptions for younger boys will be made in the case of two or more siblings registering for SE Youth and approved on a case by case basis based on a coaches evaluation of the younger player.


2. Where and when will SE Youth hold practices?

SE Youth will practice at Oak Crest Middle School from 5:30 – 7:00 PM every Monday/Wednesday starting March 13th and ending Jun 14th.


3. Will my son need his own equipment?


Helmet and shoulder pads are included in the registration price. Parents provide cleats, mouth piece, and a girdle/padded pants.


4. When and where will I get my son’s equipment?


LCCPW is leasing their equipment to SE Youth, we will coordinate a time and location that will go out to registered participants. Girdles or padded pants can be purchased at Dicks or on Amazon.


5. Can I use my own equipment?


Yes, provided the helmet is certified for play in CY 23.


6. If I use my own equipment will I still be charged a rental fee?


You can use your own equipment at no additional fee.


7. Is SE Youth full tackle football?


SE Youth will take a progressive approach starting with just the helmet and working our way up to thud contact. The final weeks of SE Youth will feature 11 on 11 scenarios, but will stop just short of tackling and the opposing player to the ground.


8. Will we scrimmage other clubs in SE Youth?


No. There is potential to play in some 7 on 7 tournaments representing SE Youth, but no tackle scrimmages will be scheduled.


9. How much does SE Youth cost?


There are two packages:




This price includes two practices a week, field/facility costs, equipment rental and players will receive a practice shirt a pair of shorts and a practice jersey.




This price includes two practices a week and Saturday Strength and Conditioning, field/facility costs, equipment rental and your player will receive a practice shirt a pair of shorts and a practice jersey.

10. Is there a weight lifting or external physical conditioning program associated with SE Youth?


Yes, SE Youth will meet on Saturday mornings at Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy’s facility (1004 N. El Camino Real, 92024).

To utilize the Strength and Conditioning program, please purchase the "GO GETTER" package. Times to be announced.

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